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We are a business advisory firm based in Ireland that supports our clients across a wide range of industry sectors (see FAQs). We help them with business improvement, problem solving, growth and profit solutions and strategic planning.

Using our business advisory, coaching and mentoring skills we assist business owners and their teams to improve their businesses, fix their issues and realise their goals of:


  • Growing their businesses

  • Improving profitability

  • Building effective management teams 

  • Strategically planning for the future

  • Increasing the value of their businesses

  • Planning for orderly business succession

  • Optimising tax efficiency

  • Growing and protecting wealth and personal incomes

  • Minimising the impact of business regulatory compliance 


We work with business owners who would like to make positive change in their business and who are looking for support and guidance in bringing about this change.

Gerry McInerney, Chartered Accountant, accredited business facilitator and qualified financial adviser with 37 years corporate experience, is the lead advisor at Ashford Advisory. He is the founder and former managing partner of McInerney Saunders, a firm he established in 1980 and, with his team, built to become one of the top twenty accounting firms in Ireland.  

Gerry McInernery


Mindful of the importance of succession planning in the accounting space, Gerry has successfully transitioned the firm into the capable hands of the next generation of partners.

"Those who know me will be aware that I have a very keen interest in playing competitive golf. I see many similar challenges in improving one's golf game or other sporting skills and improving one's business. The concepts involved are broadly the same - Set the Vision - identify the Strategies - make Action Plans - build in relevant Feedback - Monitor Progress."  


Gerry now focuses his business attention on two main areas: he acts as a non-executive director (NED) on company boards and, through Ashford Advisory, he works closely with business owners to address a range of issues that confront businesses of every type through the business life-cycle.

The key elements of all of our engagements involve:


  • Active Listening  - listening to the business owner and others

  • Gaining insights  - understanding the business, its issues and the market in which it operates 

  • Prioritising issues and Problem Solving - helping to clarify issues and promote internal problem solving of priority issues  

  • Developing Strategy - assisting in guiding future business direction - identifying major issue or opportunity

  • Monitoring and supporting the organisation’s Implementation of actions and bringing accountability


See FAQs for more information on what we do and for whom.

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