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What we can help you with:

Our menu tags above outline the problem areas within the business life-cycle where we are most often asked to assist.


If you are unsure of where to start why not…..


Challenge your understanding of your own business


If you don’t know your key opportunities for increased growth and profit over the coming twelve months then you’re unlikely to benefit from those opportunities.

By taking just ten minutes to complete the Growth & Profit Diagnostic below, you can begin to achieve real clarity as to:


1. Your Top 3 Business Growth and Profit Issues

2. Your Top 3 Personal Development barriers

3. Winning strategies to get you from where you are NOW to WHERE you want to be against each key issue.


After completing the diagnostic, we, in association with our associates, McInerney Saunders, will send you a report summarising the outcomes. Contact us to discuss WHERE you want to bring your business and we can begin to work together on the HOW


In order to take advantage of opportunities, overcome barriers or adopt winning strategies, there’s an inevitable need to change something and if so….


How Change-Ready is your business?


We are naturally change resistant and that's why change is so difficult.  Research tells us that the probability of change success, in whatever project or initiative you undertake, is as low as 30%. This means there is a 70% probability you will fail. Why is this?  Most business people adopt a ‘trial and error’ approach to change and this comes with a very high cost in terms of lost time, reduced confidence, wasted money and poor utilisation of resources.


Discover your potential for change success in under 5 minutes.

After completing the process, we will send you a report summarising the outcomes.

When you’ve had time to absorb our findings and if you want to make changes in your business, contact Gerry McInerney to discuss how we can best assist you to successfully manage change in your business.

Elements of the Business Advisory Process

1.  Active LISTENING 

to the business owner - what's working - what's not working

  • Questionnaires

  • Discussions on fact and figures

  • Diagnostic tools

  • Sharing industry papers and reports

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